Holding a Diploma in Clinical Supervision, I practice supervision and staff care within the professions of counselling and the education sector. My experience and expertise, coupled with my chosen approach (Proctor’s Model of Clinical​ Supervision) enables my work to be fully transferable to other professions and disciplines. The ‘Restorative’ facet of the model is particularly effective in allowing an individual to feel empowered and valued - often all that is needed for emotional efficacy and enhanced motivation.

Working collaboratively*, we are able to:

Reflect on and review practice​

Discuss specific issues in depth

Identify training and CPD needs

Manage the emotional impact of work on the individual’s personal life and vice versa

* I recommend monthly supervision/staff care sessions

“Clinical supervision has been associated with higher levels of job satisfaction, improved retention, reduced turnover and staff effectiveness. Effective clinical supervision may increase employees’ perceptions of organisational support and improve their commitment to an organisation’s vision and goals. It is one way for a provider to fulfil their duty of care to staff.”

Care Quality Commission

Supporting effective clinical supervision